Muffle Furnace


Muffle furnace, LM


APPLICATION Laboratory muffle furnaces for all applications up to 1200 °C. Standard controller Jumo: PID controller with one free programmable heating ramp.

Option: Controller SE 40 Li with 25 programs each 25 steps. Temperature increase to Tmax 1340 °C for LM 312, LM 412 and LM 512. (LM 112 up to 1200 °C only). Tilting device for LM 112. Exhaust device, gas flushing, post combustion burner.

Laboratory muffle furnace, VMK



100 % fibre insulation with integrated heater. Stainless steel housingfor corrosive environment. Chamber up to 25,0 l. Standard controlleriTron: PID controller with one free programmable heating ramp. Option,from VMK 22: program controller SE 40 LI: storage of 25 programmes,with max. 4 dwelling cycles and 4 ramps per program. 2 relais timebound programmable, controller output analogue/digital.


VMK up to Tmax 1200 °CLaboratory furnaces for laboratory, research and industry. Simpleoperation, with short heating and cooling cycles for universalapplications up to 1200 °C.

All VMK furnaces can be equipped with gas purge, exhaust, post combustion.